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no problems.
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no problems.
only solutions.

Plain and simple: we specialize in cGMP compliance; from grassroots development to high-level regulatory responses.

How is amicus different? We have the unique ability to implement internal cross-reference of all fields of compliance: Formulation, Quality, Validation and Regulatory.

Did we mention that we’re a virtual company? Yep. All project management is handled on-line, in-house, 100% accessible, 24/7.

Time is money. We get that. At amicus, we provide you with a swift and direct path to your company’s end goals.

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Meet The a Team

Kristopher Le, PharmD.

CEO & Principal

Becca Mitchell, PharmD.

Director of Quality & Regulatory

Don Carter

Director of Validation

Andrea Detweiler

Project Management / Regulatory

Richard Buckingham

Associate Consultant, Validation

Heather Le

Executive Assistant

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