AMICUS is a consulting company providing efficient solutions to meet today’s regulatory issues. We are a hands-on firm that believes in providing results beyond just “reports only.” At AMICUS, we provide a large range of services to FDA regulated compounders and manufacturers, all designed to meet our client’s specific needs which promote business success.

Core Values

  • Be a Friendly Advisor
  • No Problems; Only Solutions – A solutions focused approach
  • Cost Reduction Through Compliance
  • Honest and Realistic

Our Methodology

Clearly agree and outline the business vision, goals, and objectives.

Gain information to thoroughly understand the existing environment.

Create a detailed plan to successful deliver upon the objectives.

Prioritize the plan to determine the correct path forward – finalize the project plan.

Manage and deliver the project plan.

Critically analyze the execution and measure the results to rework the blueprint and close GAPs.

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