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We Ensure Quality & Safety

If your business violates FDA regulations, you’re at risk of facing serious consequences. At Amicus, we create solutions that prevent negative FDA action and improve your business’s profitability with increased efficiency, scale, and compliance.

Our Services

Solutions that stand up to FDA scrutiny

Industries We Serve

We offer our service for businesses from a variety of FDA-regulated industries, including

Portrait of diligent group of scientists working together at biochemical laboratory

503B Outsourcing Facilities

Medical ventilators on store exhibition.

Large Hospital Systems/IDNs

Transfer medicine bottles on the conveyor belt in the pharmaceutical industry, industrial machinery for the quality of medical products. Industrial concept and factory technology.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
(Sterile & Non-Sterile)

Pile of Omega 3 capsules in glass bottle on wood table

Cannabis Manufacturing & Processing Facilities

An investment advisor businesswoman and young financial businessman analyzing data and working on laptop.

Identifying Problems & Creating Solutions

Most other consultants provide a list of problems but no real solutions. At Amicus, we help you succeed by understanding where you want to go as a business, your goals, and the resources you have available. Then, we determine how we can build a customized solution specifically for you to achieve your goals no matter the potential constraints.

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